Audio Editing

The audio editing service concerns solo artists or bands who need to manipulate and fix the audio tracks that have been already recorded.

It consists of:
  • formal editing:

    it’s the audio cleaning of the raw files from the recording and all the preps so that they are ready for mixing (audio mixing) or video editing

  • musical / artistic editing:

    meaning the performance correction in terms of time and/or pitch

  • vocal editing: 

    My audio editing service provides for the cleaning and correction of the recorded voice and, if it’s music, also the tuning, the pitch correction, and the time correction based on the song that is provided (vocal pitching or vocal timing). In addition, I can do vocal synch, both for choral parts and vocal dubbing. 


I’m available for any type of musical and non-musical project (audio-video, podcast, audiobooks, advertising jingles, interviews), I take care of both the instrumental and vocal parts.

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Audio Mixing

The mixing service is for solo artists and bands who need to mix a single song, an ep or a full length album and consists in the evaluation of the material and in the manipulation of the audio tracks.

During mixing, I consider the timbre, the dynamics, the articulation, the sound texture, its place in space, and all the sonic features of the musical elements that appear in the recording. Recognizing and determining these qualities and how they interact is the first step in mixing; in the following steps all these sound features are blended and manipulated.
The online service is guaranteed within 48 hours for a single song, 1 revision is already included while the subsequent revisions are on demand.
What do I need to mix your music? Here the specs:
  • audio files at 44KHz / 24bits (min.), 48KHz / 24bits (recommended), higher quality is welcome
  • 1 audio file or a link to a reference song that matches the genre and style that you want. I will use it as a reference track


Upon request, you can have the instrumental version of the song only or the “a cappella” version of it at the end of the mix.

Do you want to join me in the mix? No problem, it will be like being by my side in the studio! Wherever you are you just need a smartphone, tablet or laptop so I can stream the audio, while mixing, straight to your device in real-time! Contact me for more about it!

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Audio Mastering

When the mixing is done, it's time to move on to mastering!

Here is a further refinement of the audio file, making it consistent, tasty, and polished so that it is ready for distribution and suitable to be reproduced on all the physical and multimedia platforms. The master engineer takes care of the aesthetics of the product, adding a final touch that requires analysis, listening, and appropriate work tools.

The very last aspect of the mastering process will take care of the most faithful translatability of the audio with the specs of the printing media (CDs, Vinyls, etc.) and according to the technical specs of each multimedia platform and streaming services, like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram etc ..

Here is what I need to master your audio project:
  • stereo audio files 44KHz / 24bits (min.), 48KHz / 24bits (recommended), 96KHz, 24bits (preferred)

  • list of required formats for physical replication (CD, vinyl, casset..) and for digital distribution (Spotify, Amazon Music, AppleMusic, Youtube..)

  • a text file containing all the information such as CD-text or ID3 tags for lossy formats

  • 1 cover image, .jpeg format, pixels 300×300 (min.) 600×600 (max.), total weight should be less than 200kb

  • 1 audio file or a link to song that you think it is a good reference for your genre and style

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