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My musical journey begins at a young age. I start with an academic and classical education on guitar, followed by the study of modern and contemporary music.

I deepen my studies in modern music at M.I in Los Angeles (CA) and right after I dive into audio production graduating at Berklee College of Music in Boston (MA). 

In 2015 I come back to Italy where I continue to work as a freelance guitarist and audio engineer, for both national and international music projects.

Audio Post Production

The audio post-production includes a huge set of processes that follow the audio recording, of any type and for any purpose, in order to get a qualitatively competitive product that can be used on all media available on the market today.

Who is it for?

It is a service dedicated to solo musicians, bands, orchestras and deejays as well as communication agencies, advertising agencies, radio and television stations, video-makers, marketers, podcast and audiobook producers, voice-over actors and all those who need a professional audio production.


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How to prepare your tracks for mixing?

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